Audit and Assurance Services

Orlando audit services

Audit and assurance services require a specialized skill set and the professionals at Sunstate Property Accounting Services, Inc. possess that knowledge and experience. We offer our services to condo and homeowner associations. Whether your situation requires a review, compilation, or complete audit of your financial statements, we will impart the appropriate level of assurance to satisfy investors, creditors, or donors. No matter what services meet your particular needs, we always employ the highest quality standards in the industry.

If your HOA requires an audit, the clear documentation we provide is designed to instill confidence that your records are an accurate representation of the current financial condition of your business or organization. When necessary, we can also provide risk management services, due diligence, and make recommendations for improving internal controls.

If only limited assurance is required, we will conduct a thorough review of your financial statements and deliver our findings in an organized report. Our reviews are administered in line with all guidelines in Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services (SSARS) issued by the AICPA.

Finally, if a basic compilation of financial statements with no assurance is all that's needed, we're ready to assist you with prompt service.

Audit Services, Reviews, and Compilations

Sunstate Property Accounting Services, Inc. offers quality control, honesty, and objectivity in all our compilation, review, and audit services. Contact our Orlando, FL CPA now at 407-212-7275 or request a free consultation online.